I love how Phil becomes the focus at so many points during this song, especially at 17 minutes.The 20 minute mark turns a little spastic and takes them into a really bizarre, abstract jam that solicits one or two yells from heads in the crowd (maybe they knew an excellent He's Gone was up next) but doesn't do much for me personally.With that being said, this top performance of Dark Star comes to a subtle close and the band creeps into He's Gone.

Talk about setting the tone for the show, and Garcia was in such good voice. 1973 is one of my favorite Dead era's and this show is a great representation of this year. Morning Dew kicked off the night and the energy level continued to grow with BIODTL.

It seems almost wrong to love the keys so much especially because this show is so close to Pigpen's death in the Dead's chronology. I want to point out the incredible jam starting around 6 minutes but really picking up at .

His death, while a somber event, marked the point at which the Dead were really able to explore their sound without being pushed in a blues/ rock n roll direction instead of their preferred psychedelic sound. Jerry's playing is bouncy with the perfect amount of echo. My first time hearing this Dark Star I was absolutely blown away by this playing.

Morning Dew, Beat It On Down The Line, Ramble On Rose, Jack Straw, Wave That Flag, Looks Like Rain, Box Of Rain, They Love Each Other, The Race is On, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Bird Song, Playin' In The Band Eyes Of The World-d1t2 BIODTL begining cut (thanks to Andrew Pitner for noticing) d1t09 (The Race Is On) several anomalies at the , , , & marks (thanks to Scott Clugston for noticing) D2t01 (Bird Song): very brief tape waver @ D2t03 (Eyes) transient sound system glitch @ ; subsecond dropout @ D4t06 (GDTRFB): reel flip/splice @ This is a great work. The interesting topics will work very well than other. Still, set list, building from a hot afternoon to incredible jams, Dickey Betts, the transitions, well this show is one of the finest I have heard. Jack Straw, Looks like Rain, Eyes, GDTR, just all the best and more. Eyes is very jazzy and upbeat with crisp keys providing the perfect background for Jerry to play to.

I am a student Ph D writing paper is the important part in a Ph D study. The keys are so prominent it's almost approaching ragtime.

Student needs a complete idea about the topic like dissertation writing service I love the sound of this one. This show seems to combine all of the Dead's best qualities, eras, influences, and moments. This is exactly what makes 73 great though, there's such a variety in the playing.

But I saw a few shows in 1974 and they were great, too. A particularly brain melting Playin' with one of the best Eyes ever performed following.

I stopped what I was doing, turned it up all the way, and just let those chords pass right through me. Reminiscent of Allman Bros in my opinion, interestingly enough they were actually at this show and joined them for the third set.

Phil takes off around 10 minutes with Jerry's notes seeming to fall from the sky and land like droplets onto Phil's sea of almost tangible bass notes.

Gosh, another great moment that just screams Allman Bros is at 12 minutes and ends when they get into the song at or so.

The band settles into a nice groove here as Jerry sings the first verse.