Romantic clinch: The emotional teenagers share a moment after Eoghan lost out to JLS and ultimately Alexandra Burke in the final It seems the emotional night became too much for the budding singer, who drove away with tears streaming down her face after being forced to leave her young love's side.

Eoghan Quigg has denied rumours he’s romancing fellow X Factor contestant Diana Vickers.

Tabloid reports suggested the pair have been getting close, despite the fact that Diana, 17, has a boyfriend, student Chris Jones, 18. ‘I know there has been speculation about us,’ he says.

‘She’s the most attractive girl in the house for me, but there isn’t anything like that going on.

‘She’s my best friend in the competition.’ But the Irish singer admits he does fancy judges Cheryl Cole, 25, and Dannii Minogue, 36.

We’re just like bezzie mates, like little brother and sister,’ she said late last month.

But it became obvious the pair shared a romantic bond after Diana was voted out last week, when Eoghan ran on stage sobbing 'I love you, I love you' following her elimination.

Her boyfriend Chris Jones, a Manchester University student whom she has been dating for six months, was said to have been 'livid' by the display.

‘I think Cheryl is absolutely gorgeous,’ he tells the Daily Mirror. ‘But it would probably be Cheryl because she is a natural woman.

For weeks they've denied a romance, but after the high drama of Saturday night's final X Factor sweethearts Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg couldn't hide their affection any longer.

The teens stole an intimate kiss outside the show's studio after finalist Eoghan, 16, lost out to boyband JLS and victor Alexandra Burke.

But the night ended in tears for Diana, 17, who had to dash off to a post-show gig at a nightclub in Birmingham.