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Strapon chat city girls free - Florida minor dating laws

But really from what I have been told he can still get in trouble if your not emancipated and also your mother even though she approves and understand and be charged with child neglect or indangerment for allowing it to go on espeically if you were to get phsycally hurt in any kind of way by him. i am 15 and me and this guy who is 20 like each other. weve ben friends for awhile we go to church my grades are good and i aint about to go out and have sex or nething. I honestly didn't think anyone could possibly be so arrogant. I've been dating a 21 year old for quite a while now, and I'm 15. It's a mature relationship, and has nothing to do with sex. So what I'm saying is to all you young girls out there, make your own descisions.

Well to be honest I understand what you are going through I am currently 16 about to be 17 this month and my fiance is 34 too. You state that it like it's a fact that ALL men want is sex.

It probaly does but can the law do something to him even dough he gots my moms permission to date me? And that there is good and bad relationships, that has little or nothing to do with age....

hello, i'm from hawaii and i have a question that i would like to ask. ~~sincerelydoubtful~~ If they are having sex, there is statutory rape, but as a practical matter, most prosecutors will not press charges in a situation like this.

I'm a girl and i'm 15 years old, my boyfriend is 19 and will be turning 20 in June and i will be turning 16 in July. Also, if i get preagnant at this age or when i turn 16 and he is 20 will he be put into jail or can he get into any trouble? I am not sure what to tell you because if she is pregnant, getting him put in jail may not be the answer because it may be that she needs him to work and pay support for the child if she is pregnant and chooses to have the child.

malulani Im also in a postition like yours and I'm also 15(almost16) and my bf is 18 and even thats illegal. Im pregnant and my mother is threatening to throw him in jail. Sry about the bad news but my best advice is to keep it on the low from everyone. I'm wondering if it's legal for me to DATE him even. I just want a clear cut answer of what I have to do to be able to date him!

but i am jus wondering if it is legal to date him.i live in new mexico. Make smart ones...all are intellegent young woman, make sure you can handle the situations you are putting yourself into. I live in Minnesota, so the age of consent is 16..I'm not talking about sex. But somewhere else....since he's over 18 and I'm under 18, It's the whole "dating a minor" thing....... I'm super confused....these laws are all jumbled in my head.

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