The audience of Punjabi cinema is going to relive that moment with ‘Angrej’ on 31 July.

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More → The imminent release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has everyone here at Spark Life in the tizzy of all tizzies, and the only relief we could find from the excruciating wait for the book's release was to create LITERALLY THE HARDEST HARRY POTTER TEST IN EXISTENCE.

New ZNew (Chandigarh) : Punjabi Movie Angrej is totally different from today’s love stories belong to Facebook and Whats App but there was a time when even holding your beloved’s hand was a big project in itself.

A time when there was no dating and the partners would only know about each other on the first day of marriage.

I don't have that much social media, I focus and care a lot about my education, and most...

(Dramatic music in the background) In all seriousness, I'm have almost nothing in common with my high school peers.

More → If you’re like everyone else on this planet, then you probably already know which Hogwarts House you’d belong to in the wizarding world, and you’ve accessorized accordingly. More → As we near the end of this book, the death toll inching ever higher, it’s with a sense of shame because we, much like Ralph, watched this bonkers murder parade spiral out of control and did nothing to stop it. More → If you hop over to your profile page today, you'll notice something different: While your smirking Moriarty profile pic and crowns are still there, that little identifier you ~maybe~ never thought about—the insipid little serif-ed "female" or "male"—is now gone. More → Dear Auntie, I’ve seen your posts about friend-breakups and toxic friendships, and I love the advice that you give about these situations.

But not everyone sports a Gryffindor scarf day in and day out. My question here is, though, what if you are (were) that toxic friend?

I was blessed enough to have a wonderful mentor/semi-maternal figure in my...

More → Recently, my boyfriend was over at my house and asked if he could defrost some of my mom's homemade Indian cooking.