She gladly accepted and we were soon having a fun time getting to know each other. I tell her I'm a bit of lightweight and that three drinks is my limit, and she seems disappointed.I offer to put her in a cab, thinking the date had gone well.Five minutes after seeing her off, she calls me saying she's a recovering alcoholic and that she had been sober for six months, blaming me for falling off the wagon.

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Aside from having a good brunch story the next day, there's not much of a silver lining to awkward dates.

Except of course when you can make it into a movie and reap the rewards.

In this case, the cast of the new rom-com Jonathan Sadowski: "I remember in college this sorority was having their formal, and a girl asked me to go, and I said yes.

She was a cool chick, and we had been friends for a while.

I thought it would be a good time but nothing more than that.

We got to the formal, and it became Sara Paxton: "I tried to avoid telling this story, but any other horrible date story would be a lie, so here it goes.

I went on a blind date with a guy and he wanted to have breakfast at his house before the date/hike.

I was really nervous, so I kept drinking coffee, which I don't drink.

Cut to us halfway through the hike when suddenly my stomach is growling like crazy and I'm sweating profusely. I had to get to a bathroom ASAP, but we were in the woods. I realized I had to get behind a bush fast or something horrific was going to happen in front of my date. He didn't think it was very cute, and we never spoke again."Director J. Khoury: "Years ago I met a woman via an online dating site (I think it was and we arranged to meet at a cocktail lounge in Midtown.

She arrived about 30 minutes late in a business suit looking a little frazzled, telling me her corporate job was crazy and apologizing for keeping me waiting.

I reassured her I wasn't upset and offered to buy her a drink to alleviate her stress.